What Others Are Saying...
 "I'm still at the conference and reflecting on the impact you had on me, as well as the entire group. You have the ability to touch people in the deepest places in their hearts, and when you do, you change them somehow."
Carol Hedberg, President Elect, The Iowa Student Personnel Association.

"You have brought us to a new level of being able to express the soulfulness of what we do as educators."
Gayle K. Nolan, Coordinator of Faculty Development, Delgado Community College

"Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to share your ideas and insights on Online Learning. I know from comments in the hallway that you converted a few 'old timers' who had never thought of the possibilities."
James C. Williamson, Ph.D., President, Northeastern Technical College

"So many faculty have stopped me to thank me for YOUR presentation. The positive reactions have been overwhelming. You have helped us tremendously in building a strong, cohesive student success curriculum."
Irma Camacho, Professor, El Paso Community College

"What a wonderful start to the new year. As one faculty member put it, 'it is hard to tell us old folk anything new, but Dr. Sherfield helped us renew our commitment to doing our jobs well.'"
Peg Norris, Coordinator of Faculty Development, Massasoit Community College

"Your presentation at Western was fabulous. The evaluations were the very best we have ever had."
Sue A. Smith, Dean of Education, Western Career College

"I have heard NOTHING but great things about your presentation. From speaking with you on the phone, I knew your presentation would be extraordinary, but who knew you would tell such great jokes and pass along such valuable information in a dynamic, unique style."
Kelly Hunt Lyon, Writing Center, The University of Central Arkansas

"Your insight into how students think provides a catalyst for us to review how we teach and improve the learning process for all students. Faculty have stopped me to tell me how they plan to incorporate your ideas into their classes -a successful outcome for any faculty in-service."
Nancy Kegelman, Dean of Academic Affairs, Brookdale Community College

"You will find no better presenter than Robb Sherfield. Any faculty member, dean, or student who is involved in education will find it a privilege to attend one of his sessions."
Karen McGrath, PIMA Medical Institute

“Pleasing both faculty and staff at the same time is some sort of miracle. You did a great job.”
George D. Fields, Jr., Past President, Spartanburg Methodist College

"You provided fresh, practical ideas for classroom delivery and retention. You are highly entertaining, engaging, and informative."
Roy Hurd, President, Empire College

“Thank you for your exciting and engaging presentation. Our instructors went away highly motivated. The energy and self-revelation made the program humorous, genuine and productive. Please come to see us again.”
Faye Julian, Director for Undergraduate Education, The University of Tennessee

“Your commitment and willingness to share insights and personal experiences with our faculty and staff played a significant role in the success of this workshop. I applaud your direct approach and skillful art of communication.”
Murrell J. H. Duster, Dean Academic Development, Northeastern Illinois University

“Thank you so very much for the enlightening and engaging session at the First Year Conference. It was truly out-standing, both in content and presentation.”
Ned Sisney, Professor, Concordia University

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the National Association of Collegiate Advisors. Your words were just what I needed to hear. I wish you success as you continue to make a difference in the lives you touch.”
Denise Mills, Professor, California State University

“The most common reaction to your seminar was that our faculty had never felt so much collegiality before. I know much of that is due to the activities of your workshop. The evaluations were excellent.”
Janice Gardner, Ed.D., President, Washington Assoc. of Developmental Education

“Laudatory remarks about you, your invited pre-convention institute and your one hour session filled the conference evaluations! You provided practitioners a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from a true professional.”
Kathy Carpenter, Ph.D., Past President,
College Reading and Learning Association

“I personally wanted to thank you for the session you gave at Drexel University. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed and valued the time spent with you.”
Dana D’Angelo, Drexel University

“Your information on motivation and goal setting was inspiring and informative."
Anne Hein, Director Student Development Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“We learned so very much from your workshop. Thank you for spending quality time with our instructors.”
Lucinda Over, Counselor, Citrus College

“You were the very best at the conference.”
Barbara Horstmann, Professor
Central Piedmont Community

“I was genuinely impressed, as was the entire college, with both your content and delivery style.”
Jim Hudgins, Former President, Midlands Technical College and Current Executive Director, S.C. State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education

“I wanted to personally thank you for your great presentation for our Faculty In-Service. We have heard nothing but compliments about your keynote address and your workshop. Several faculty members have stopped me to say that they were using your ideas in the classroom. This is exactly the result we wanted!”
Charles Grant, President San Jacinto College North

“I wish that you could hear the buzz around the campus since the conference. Faculty, staff and administrators are still talking about what an outstanding speaker they were treated to this year – the best they’ve ever hear at this annual event!”
Jennifer E. Roseman, Chair
Conference Committee,
Community Colleges of Spokane

“Your presentation was nothing short of outstanding!”
Elaine Hodges, President,
South Carolina Technical College Association

“Your presentation at Heald College in Oakland, CA was the best seminar I have attended in my seven years with the college. Your warmth, interest and motivation are contagious and permeate the room.”
Darlin Miller, Professor,
Heald Colleges

“I don’t think you really know the impact that you had on our students. They talked about your presentation for days afterwards. I, too, got a lot of food for thought.”
Sandy Strick, Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism, The University of South Carolina

“Thank you for another terrific session!”
Stuart Hunter, Co-Director
The National Resource Center for the First Year Experience

“I saw you at the First Year Experience Conference and you were the best presenter at the conference… just great!”
Barbara Hammond,Central Piedmont Community College

“Your workshop at UT-Knoxville on Teaching First Year Students was wonderful and motivational. I know that I will be applying some of the tips and activities used in the workshop. I only hope that one day I can be as good a teacher as you are.”
Margie Russell, Senior Research Assistant, Chancellor’s Office
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“Your message literally set the stage for the next phase of development in our student success initiatives at MTC.”
Sandi Oliver, Vice President, Midlands Technical College>

“I know that I personally told you how great your presentation was at Macomb, but, you need to know that your message made quite an impact on many, many faculty and staff members. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to meet.”
Rose Bellanca, Provost
Macomb Community College

“What a dynamic presentation! You are an excellent communicator. Thank you for the materials and activities on diversity. What a rare treat to have someone speak about the value of diversity in education."
Jennifer Osmer, Coordinator of Disability Resource Center, Midlands Technical College


“This one session was worth the $455.00 cost of the conference.”

“All of the other presentations were strict ‘lectures.’ NOT this one!!”

"Robb's calling is Drama and he's channeled it into the most noble of professions: TEACHING."

“He certainly practiced what he was preaching!!”

“I can’t wait to get home and use some of these exercises.”

“This was my favorite program out of the 5 days of programming.”

“Finally, ideas and suggestions that we can actually USE!!!”

“Absolutely wonderful. What a gifted speaker you are.”

“Now, I know why you are an award-winning educator.”

“I’m going to use this material next week.”

“This was just the boost I needed. Thank you for reminding me of who I am.”

“The activities were very helpful... I can even use them in a math class.”

“A fresh, new approach to case management studies. Bring him
back next year.”

“Excellent. He encouraged class participation and discussion.”

“What a wonderful & personal delivery style… excellent, excellent faculty workshop”

Copies of actual conference evaluations available upon request.