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*CREATING AN ATMOSPHERE OF SUCCESS (Signature Motivational Keynote Address)

*Motivating Students: Ideas and Exercises for This Monday

*Instructional Design for Web Based Learning

*Teaching Student Success Classes Online

*RETENTION: The Classroom is Where it Happens

*Building, Implementing and / or Redeveloping First Year Success and Orientation Programs

*Effective Classroom Management Strategies

*Dynamic Strategies for Teaching the Millennial Generation

*Teaching the Adult Learner

*The Accidental Professor: Basic Training for Faculty Members Entering the Profession from Business and Industry

*Using Music, Movies, and Games to Enhance Learning

*Understanding Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

*Leading and Listening: Dynamic Classroom Discussions

*Developing Dynamic Lesson Plans and Learning Objectives

*Moving from a Teaching-Centered Classroom to a Learning-Centered Classroom

*Helping Students Develop Awesome Study Skills

*Developing College-Wide Retention Systems that Work

*The Role of Ethics and Academic Integrity in Student Development

*Building and Using Cooperative Learning Exercises

*Engaging Students in Creative / Critical Thinking Skills

*Designing and Using Activities that Promote Self-Responsibility in and out of the classroom

*Weathering the Storm: Helping Faculty and Staff Deal with the Stress of Change


*The Spirit of America : Our Promise, Our Hope, Our Future (Signature Motivational Keynote Address)

*The Art of Active Listening

*Oral and Written Communication in a World of Technology

*How to Give A Speech and Live to Tell About It

*Developing Dynamic Interpersonal Communication Skills

*Winning With Teamwork

*Weathering the Storm: New Directions for Dealing with and Embracing Change

*You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling: The Art of Managing Conflict

*Think Before You Leap: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

*Leading With Passion, Power and Promise!

*Life 101: Managing Time, Reducing Stress and Living Well

*Being Creative: Looking at Old Plans in a New Light

*X-Treme Results: Working with and Mentoring Generations X and Y

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